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General terms


PrimeRental Ltd. in the following called LESSOR hereby rents a vehicle to the LESSEE under the following conditions.

    The vehicle is delivered to the LESSEE in good condition having the mandatory equipment required by the Bulgarian legislation described in delivery and return protocol, inseparable part of the contract. The LESSEE is obliged to return the vehicle in the same good condition with all documents committed to them, at the time and location fixed in this agreement. If the LESSEE fails to return the vehicle in the due time, they shall inform the LESSOR not later than the previously assigned return hour. For a delay more than an hour, the LESSEE shall owe half a daily rent, for a delay more than 4 hours, an additional daily rent is charged. In case of delay of returning the rented vehicle in more than 3 hours after the assigned time, the car is considered to be appropriated and the LESSOR will inform the relevant authorities, reserving all his rights according to this contract. Delivery and collection of the vehicle within Sofia between 06:00am and 10:00pm is free of charge. Beyond these hours, the tax for delivery is 10 Euro within Sofia. Delivery and collection of the Vehicle outside Sofia is subject to an additional agreement.
    The payment is due at the moment of delivery of the vehicle and could be made in cash or by credit card. A guarantee deposit specified in the tariff of the contract should be left. The deposit is released after returning of the vehicle unless the vehicle is returned with missing parts or damages, as well if the vehicle is without fuel.
    1. The rental price includes TPL and CDW. It limits the responsibility in case of damage or theft up to the amount of the deposit.
    2. In case of any damages, loss theft or any other illegal violation of the vehicle or parts of it, as in case of fire or window breaking, the LESSEE shall notify the LESSOR no later than 3 hours after establishing such an event. In case of theft or damage, the LESSEE shall inform the Traffic Police and obtain a protocol certifying the event. In case of theft, the LESSEE shall submit to the LESSOR the vehicle's registration documents and keys.
    3. The LESSEE owes to the LESSOR full compensation for all damages or missed benefits in case of guilty or negligent behavior and carelessness towards the vehicle and thus causing technical problems to the vehicle.
    4. In case of damages to the vehicle, caused as a result of a car accident attributable to the LESSEE, the LESSEE shall pay the LESSOR compensation for any missed benefits and incurred damages up to the amount of the deposit set in the Agreement. If that deposit is insufficient to cover the incurred damages, the LESSEE shall pay the LESSOR compensation for all incurred damages and missed benefits.
    5. In case of loss, destruction or theft of the vehicle registration documents, key or identification number, the LESSEE shall pay forfeit of 100 Euro.
    6. The insurance policy does not cover the following cases: loss of keys, documents, loss or theft of the vehicle identification number, loss of audio panel, loss or fault of wind screen wipers, window, or damages on the chassis resulting from careless use, tyres, wheels, rims, hub caps, and etc. (unless caused by fire or car accident evidenced by a certificate issued by the police). In these cases, the LESSEE shall pay the LESSOR the amount of all resulting losses and expenses as well as expenses for change of the vehicle, repair, missed benefits and rental compensations for moral damages.
    1. The LESSEE shall:
      Use the vehicle appropriate, take good care of it and drive it only in Bulgaria, monitor the level of oil, water, antifreeze and brake liquid. In case of an accident, damage, or failure, the LESSEE shall undertake all due precautions in order to save, limit and/or reduce all possible damages to the rented vehicle. In case of accident or damage the LESSEE shall inform the Traffic Police regardless whether they was guilty or not, and inform immediately the LESSOR, as well as assist the LESSOR and the insurance company in clarifying the incident and the damages. Not leave the vehicle documents and key in the vehicle when it is parked.
    2. The LESSEE is not allowed to:
      Use the vehicle for towing other vehicles, for participating in motor races, practices or other similar activities, transport any loose or other freights, drive in the country/city of intoxication or after using drugs, dispose the vehicle to persons who are not authorized and to drive abroad without the explicit consent of the LESSOR.
    Any amendments or supplements to the Agreement shall be made in writing. Any disputes between the parties shall be settled by means of negotiation between the parties and failing an agreement, the law of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the Agreement.
    The LESSEE and the LESSOR sign a contract in which they referred to these terms and other conditions and obligations of the parties if any, as a valid contract with them stating that the LESSEE is familiar with its terms and agrees personal data to be used to wear of criminal liability in case of occurrence of unlawful or other criminal event.